sft-check : Softricity File (SFT) Checking Utility


Sft-check is a command-line utility to output information (blocksize, GUIDs, FB1 size etc.) about Microsoft SoftGrid SFT-packages. Additionally it can be used to scan through the content -directory (or any directory for that matter) of the SoftGrid Server in order to calculate most optimal 'Max Block Size' setting for pre-4.0 servers and to detect possible overlapping package root directory names across all the packages.

New capabilities include outputting the virtual registry and the virtual services.!

This tool is provided as freeware and as-is with no warranty. All rights reserved. Redistribution without prior written permission prohibited.

Although sft-check is free, please consider making small donation if you find it useful and/or to show support for continued development.


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (Redistributable Package)


    Download latest release: sft-check, version 1.2 (version history)


     /sft FILE		scan only a specified .sft file (as specified by FILE)
     /host HOST		try to scan content directory of remote SoftGrid Server machine (as specified by HOST)
     /contentdir PATH	scan all .sft-files from specific directory (as specified by PATH>)
     /verbose		more detailed information about package(s)
     /stats			basic statistics about package(s)
     /dirstruct		output internal file-structure of the package(s)
     /blocks		output list of blocks in package(s)
     /history		output sequencing history for package, if present
     /registry		output internal virtual registry structure of the package(s)
     /services		output list of virtual services in the package(s)

    If no parameters are specified, sft-check tries to resolve content directory from local machine (which won't work if the local machine is not SoftGrid Server). In order to scan remote machine, either usage of /host or /contentdir options is required. Scanning only one specific .SFT -file can be done with /sft option.

    NOTE: usage of /blocks might significantly increase scanning time especially with larger packages!


    sft-check /sft c:\mypackages\myapp\myapp.sft /verbose

    sft-check /contentdir c:\mypackges\

    sft-check /host sftserver.domain.local /verbose

    sft-check /sft c:\mypackages\myapp\myapp.sft /dirstruct /registry

    sft-check /sft c:\mypackages\myapp\myapp.sft /blocks /verbose

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