SFT Encoder Express Edition : The Simple App-V Package Encoder


Now for the first time outside the SoftGrid/App-V Sequencer you can create your own packages!

By using SFT Encoder Express Edition you have the possibility to create simple App-V package by encoding directory structure of your choice into a fully functioning SFT file. SFT Encoder Express Edition generates associated OSD and SPRJ files for oen executable out of the package, that you can then distribute from the Management Server to App-V clients.

SFT Encoder Express Edition can be used as quick and simple way of generating tools -type of packages out from the pre-existing directory structure for applications that do not need virtual registry entries etc.

Packages generated by SFT Encoder Express Edition are in SoftGrid 4.1/4.2 format.

Looking for advanced functionality?

Look no further! All the features in SFT Encoder Express Edition and much more is available in commercial editions of SFT Encoder:

  • Professional Edition for command-line driven advanced functionality of new package encoding and modification of existing packages
  • Enterprise Edition for advanced command-line and processing template -driven functionality of new package encoding and modification of existing packages
  • Server Edition for all the same functionality as in Enterprise Edition but for server -based and automated processing

You can find SFT Encoder's commercial editions at GridMetric's site.


SFT Encoder Express Edition is provided as freeware and as-is with no warranty. All rights reserved. Redistribution and usage for commerical purposes prohibited.


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (Redistributable Package)


    Latest release:

  • SFT Encoder Express Edition, version 1.2.2 - As MSI package
    (revision history)


     /encode DIRECTORY   specifies directory to encode to package
     /out DIRECTORY      specifies directory into which SFT and associated files will be written to
     /root NAME	      specifies the root-directory name to use for package internal directory structure
     /name NAME		uses specified NAME as project name and generated package name
     /launch FILE			specifies the executable that will be launched from package (has to be in the directory path supplied by /encode -parameter)
     /server ADDRESS		specifies the server address from which package will be streamed from

    All parameters expect for /server are required by the SFT Encoder Express Edition. If parameters (like in FILE or DIRETORY paths) contain spaces, they must be enclosed in double-quotes (") and cannot end with backslash (\) character.


    SftEncoderExpress /encode "c:\program files\mytool" /out c:\mypackages /root toolkit.v1 /name "My Admin Tool 1" /launch "c:\program files\mytool\mytool.exe" /server mgmtvas

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