SFT Explorer version history

1.4 - 29.4.2008

  • Fixed few small bugs with VFS (crashing bug) and VREG (improper value decoding) handling

    1.3 - 10.2.2008

  • Added Dynamic Suiting support by being able to open multiple SFT files and "virtually" combining them
  • Added ability to see deleted registry values in addition to just keys
  • Added ability to see common filesystem attributes (archived, read-only etc.) for files and folders
  • Numerous small bugfixes and internal code rewrites

    1.2 - 20.1.2008

  • Added ability to see deleted registry keys + associated change to System View to hide deleted registry branch
  • Added ability to drag & drop SFT file from Windows Explorer to SFT Explorer
  • Added ability to start SFT Explorer using path to SFT file as parameter

    1.1 - 10.12.2007

  • Fixed minor bug of reversed timestamps display for files/directories
  • Added new fast loading -option for faster parsing of packages
  • Added sequencing history -display
  • Added .NET Framework, IE and media player version display for MAV 4.5 created sequences
  • Added file and directory ACL display for MAV 4.5 created sequences
  • Various minor and major internal restructurings of SFT parsing code
  • Fixed MSI installer for SFT Explorer (hopefully!)
  • MSI installer now automatically ngen's SFT Explorer for faster operation
  • SFT packaged version of SFT Explorer also ngen'd

    1.0 - 2.4.2007

  • Initial version